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Has SuPearls From "K-Pop Star Season 1" Met Its Match in the 'Korean Dream Girls' 2-Minute?

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Has SuPearls (Park Ji Min, Lee Jung Mi, Lee Seung Joo, Lee Michelle) from K-Pop Star Season 1 met its match?

On the January 5 episode of SBS’s “Survival Audition: K-Pop Star Season 3,” the final match of the team mission was revealed. Following a head-to-head match between teams, the winning team members all advance, and only one member from the losing team advances.

In this episode,  Poten (Jun Yoo Hwa, Meng Jung Eun, Park Da Hae, Im Young Eun) went against 2-minute (Jo Yoon Kyoung, Jang Han Na, Kim Soo Hyun), who sang Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” With powerful vocals and harmony, they dropped the jaws of the audience members.

Even the judges were absolutely captivated. After the end of 2-minute’s performance, Park Jin Young said, “Why did you guys stop already? It felt like 20 seconds, not 2 minutes. I want to see more. I said it will be either victory or failure [playing on two similar Korean words], and this is a huge victory on your part.” He continued, unable to hold back his compliments, “I was worried because the three of you are so strong individually. But you each gave up the mic when you needed to, and your teamwork really shone through. And you shone as individuals, too. You were the perfect team.. like the Korean Dream Girls.” 

Yang Hyun Suk added to the praise, complimenting the team for not showing any nervousness. "Your performance was so great it made me want to cry throughout the song. I understand Park Jin Young’s desire to listen to more; it was even better than SuPearls.”

Yoo Hee Yeol said, “Like your team name, you guys do it all in 2 minutes. With good music, you don’t get tired of listening to it. Not a single part of the performance was tiring. The dynamics and tempo of the song was in the vocal arrangement, and it was perfect.”

Park Jin Young continued even further complimenting the chemistry of the three members of 2-minute, and he said, “Us judges have a great chemistry, too,” at which Yoo Hee Yeol joked, “I have my own tastes..”

2-minute went on to win the round, advancing all three of its members, and only Im Young Eun from Poten was put through to the next round.

Netizens who saw the episode commented on 2-minute, complimenting their great performance, and comparing them to SuPearls, saying that they’re not quite at the level of SuPearls, or wondering what it would be like in a head-to-head with 2-minute and Supearls, etc.

Check out 2-minute's performance of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" below, as well as SuPearls' "The Boys" & "Fame" performance, and let us know what you think!

SuPearls "The Boys" & "Fame"

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