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E-Sens Dispels Rumors of Him Creating His Own Label

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Rapper and former member of Supreme Team, E-Sens, revealed his thoughts against rumors that he is creating his own label.

On January 5, the rapper posted on his Twitter account, “It’s a little bit late, but I wanted to let you know. There have been articles about how I’m going to make a label called T.O.D. with JTong and plan on coming out with a new album in February. However, T.O.D. is not a name of a label, and I haven’t set any plans for a new album. Many of you have been asking me, so I’m tweeting this.” 

Recently, it was reported that E-Sens and JTong established their own label and are in the midst of preparing a new album. In July 2013, E-Sens left Amoeba Culture after Supreme Team disbanded.

E-Sens also added, “T.O.D. is something JTong and I along with other friends are doing. We’ll be performing, hanging out, and creating something. It’s not exactly a crew; I don’t exactly know what it is. It’s just T.O.D.”

Meanwhile, E-Sens was involved in a heated “diss battle” against his former label, Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo, and more. You can read more about this here.

뒤늦게 말씀드립니다 제이통과 제가 디오티 레이블을 만들어서 2월에 앨범이 나온다고 기사가 났는데 디오티는 레이블이 아니구요 앨범계획도 시기를 정한적이 없습니다 물어보는 분들이 많으셔서 트윗합니다

— E-SENS (@ikesens) January 4, 2014

디오티는 저와 제이통 그리고 동료들끼리 공연하고 놀러다니고 뭔가를 꾸미고 저지를 뭔가입니다 크루도 아닌거 같고 나도 몰라요 그냥 디오티 입니다

— E-SENS (@ikesens) January 4, 2014


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