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[Recap] All Good Things Must Come to an End - We Got Married 010413

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This week on “We Got Married,” Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon play footsie under the table, Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi tries to go on a romantic date, and Taemin and Son Na Eun must say good bye. 

All good things must come to an end – This is your (last) Soompi WGM Recap!

(In case you missed it, check out last (last) week’s recap – Let's Rekindle the Fire)

we got married

You know what's funny? Last week I went on a vacation for the holidays and missed the last week's episode, and I tried to find a recap on it but I couldn't find one. This can't be the only current WGM recap out there, right? Yikes, I hope not because this will actually be the last episode I recap. But let's pretend that I didn't just say that and move on.

So it looks like Yoon Han and So Yeon redecorated their house pretty nicely while I was gone. They decide that now that they are a married couple, they should get used to cooking and eating meals together. They make a list of all the food that they can cook (or have tried at least once). So Yeon's list doesn't look too bad so they pick out chicken soup from her list and Korean seafood pancake from his list and decide to make them.

Every WGM couple needs to have a grocery store montage. At the grocery store, So Yeon impresses her husband by being very thoughtful and selective as they pick out her food. She looks like the perfect housewife as she goes down the list of the things they need. Of course, they make time to goof off or try out some of the samples. They also stop by the pet area, and So Yeon asks Yoon Han to buy her some fish, to watch, not eat. 

Then they start cooking and So Yeon surprises Yoon Han by the way she expertly handles the knife. They have a funny awkward moment when the chicken's legs won't close, but for the most part, the cooking goes well. Yoon Han tries to make a snowman out of the pancake, and So Yeon makes a sock because apparently she forgot to bring it to their new home in the last episode.

we got married

It's time to eat! Yoon Han tentatively tries the soup, and at first he coughs because it's too hot, but then he says it is delicious. He gives it an A+. When So Yeon is asked to review his pancakes, she gives him an A++. They enjoy their dinner and talk about their favorite subjects: Yoon Han playing the piano and So Yeon seducing him. Turns out So Yeon has been unknowingly playing footsie with her husband during the dinner.

Yoon Han asks her to seduce him some more, but she gets nervous like she always does and this time, asks him to do aegyo in exchange. So Yeon awkwardly rubs her foot against his leg and Yoon Han awkwardly tries a little bit aegyo. It's awkward, and they know it's awkward, but they enjoy it anyway.

we got married

I think it's in Yoon Han's contract to play the piano in every episode. While they are eating fruit for dessert, So Yeon, of course, asks her husband for some mood music. As he plays a pretty melody while she cuts the fruit, she can't help but think that this is the ideal married life. It's all like a dream. 

Yoon Han also teaches So Yeon how to play their marriage song and So Yeon confesses that she wants to one day play the piano accompaniment to the song while Yoon Han sings it. Perhaps for a future episode?

At the end of their night, they watch So Yeon's super cute dogs act cute. Then Yoon Han tries to give So Yeon a massage while she tries not to look too uncomfortable.

we got married

Ah, I must say good bye to this sickeningly and delightfully lovey dovey couple. This couple actually makes me a little relieved that I won't be keep doing the recaps. I have gotten so attached to them this far in, I think I would genuinely be sad when their time came to an end. I think I would be angry too, if they didn't get married in real life. So I guess this is to save myself from vicarious heartbreak.

I really do hope this couple becomes real. I hope they get off of this virtual marriage show and start a real romance in the real world. I really, really hope that in a few months I'll be writing a Soompi article on how Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon are getting married for reals. That's my wish. 

we got married

So last week some of Joon Young's friends came by for a Christmas party, and I guess they dropped hints that this couple doesn't really feel like a couple. Yoo Mi isn't too happy about that so she bring Joon Young to a hospital, sort of. They're actually going to a couple counseling center to find out how they can actually be more like an actual couple. As they say themselves, they are great friends but you don't really believe for a minute that they might love each other.

The first test that they must do is play with a sand box. The point is for them to recreate the life that they want. Yoo Mi tries to make a pretty picture with some houses and a Disney princess while Joon Young picks out all the dinosaurs and monsters he can put in. When they are told to do things separately, it looks like they really have nothing in common.

However, the counselor analyzes that while their methods are different, they are actually quite similar. They both like to keep the things that are precious to them safe. This surprises the two of them, because they are used to being the couple that is always butting heads. Perhaps there is romantic hope for this couple after all?

we got married

For the next test they are asked to draw each other. Yoo Mi laments that she's not a good drawer (I feel ya sister) while Joon Young quickly whips out a manga-like drawing. The counselor notices several things. First, they each drew themselves first, which means that they think they are more important in the relationship. She also points out how far away from each other they are. Then she draws attention the fact that Joon Young drew Yoo Mi looking at him, and Yoo Mi drew herself timidly putting her hands in front of her. The counselor comes to this conclusion: Yoo Mi likes Joon Young more than he likes her.

Surprisingly, instead of laughing it off as I expected her to, Yoo Mi gets all flustered and turns red. She stammers out that it can't be true. Her response is so apparent, even Joon Young feels sorry for her. Oh my, are you falling for this cocky and funny younger man, Yoo Mi? I guess I can understand. Joon Young can be charming, and he is a rare mix of wit and manliness. Even though he can act stubborn and selfish, perhaps all those times he gave in or treated her fondly softened her heart towards him.

The counselor also tries to get the two do more skinship. She forces them to bring their faces close together and even smell each other. She then gives them an assignment: Go on a romantic date and try to speak in opposites to each other (Ex. "I don't want you to buy me this coat" means "I want you do buy me this coat." )

we got married

As the doctor ordered, the two go on a cold romantic date to one of Seoul's most popular and romantic spots. Yoo Mi informs Joon Young that many, many dramas are filmed here. While they are walking, she asks to hold hands and at first Joon Young adamantly refuses. After she pouts, he then quickly grabs some snow and then takes her hand. In the interview he explains he doesn't like holding hands in general because his palms get sweaty. He was hoping that she would think his hands were wet from the snow, not the sweat. I thought that was cute. It seemed like something that he was genuinely insecure about, but it also shows that it's not that he doesn't want to hold hands with Yoo Mi, he doesn't want to hold hands with anyone. 

They continue walking and practicing the opposite talk the counselor ordered them to. When Yoo Mi slips up, she has to give Joon Young a back hug as punishment. Once again she gets shy and all flustered. Yikes, all I can say is that she better watch her heart! I've said this before, and I don't think I'm wrong, but Joon Young is not the marriage type. He is someone who would make an exciting boyfriend, but not a long lasting one, not right now anyway. If this is true and Yoo Mi has come to like this sly devil, then I hope she doesn't get her heart broken. 

The last thing they do is call up Joon Young's older brother whole will be getting married soon. Since he's not doing anything now, he agrees to meet up with them, which will be for the next episode.

At the end, they talk about how they do feel like they have gotten closer. Once again, Joon Young sounds like he's reading off a script during the final monologue, but it's okay. 

we got married

Ah, this is the one couple that made me hesitant about stoping the recaps. They are really enjoyable to watch. Joon Young is entertainingly witty and Yoo Mi is endearingly optimistic. I'm sure this couple will continue to have many more fun episodes. 

I just hope that the producers never try to force a romantic story from them and let them do what they do best. I think their bickering, Tom and Jerry-like friendship is really refreshing. I was really hoping these two would meet the other couples, because can you imagine how sassy Joon Young would be in front of Yoon Han and Taemin? I guess I'll never see that happen.

we got married

I've had been warned for the past few weeks that the TaeEun couple was heading towards the end. I didn't doubt them, but I just wasn't sure how quickly it would come. I really guessed that the last episode would be next week. I had already decided that since I started because of Taemin and Na Eun, I should end with them. 

But when Taemin's face fell and Na Eun became all quiet after reading their last mission card, I felt a bit sad. I guess this is the end. This is the final episode for the young couple I have watched for the past eight months. It's time to move on, and I can understand. Their relationship was getting stale and the first love concept was wearing thin. If this couple had lasted longer, I probably would have grown tired of them.

So now the couple must pack up some of their things and move out of their home. It's a weird act for them. What will they do with all the photos and the art from the past eight months? Hang it in their room? Put it in a box to dust in a closet? Yet they go through the motions with light jokes, not quite sure how else to react.

This is the last episode so I should be more focused and emotional, but I have to say this one thing: What is up with Taemin's hair???? 

we got married

After they move out of their house, their last date is to watch a movie titled "First Love." They go to a couple's move theater and drink the wine that they made in their last trip to "Spain." They're not sure what to expect from this movie, they haven't heard of it before. I wonder if they were thinking, "This is how we are going to end it? By watching a movie?"

Of course it isn't any movie, it's actually clips from their previous WGM episodes, starting from the very first one in Jeju Island. They laugh at their first date awkwardness and their different hairstyles. Or Taemin's different hairstyles. His hair changed in every episode, I swear. All Na Eun changed was the location of her hair part. 

Na Eun shrieks when it comes to the part where she sings for Taemin, and Taemin groans at the awkward things he says. This is a nice trip down memory lane. They really did have fun with each other. They had memorable dates. They experienced new things, together. It had been a very lovely marriage

we got married 

When the movie is over and as soon as they get up from their seats, their marriage will be over. They linger to talk about how it has been for them the past eight months. Na Eun thanks Taemin for teaching her many things, and credits him for helping her change. Taemin apologies that he hadn't been a better husband, and regrets all those times he couldn't do it right. Na Eun asks Taemin to sing for her, and he sings this very sad song about a love that ends. Na Eun cries. Taemin looks like he's holding back tears, too. 

At the end they say that this was really like their first love and they had a very memorable experience. They don't think they'll ever forget what they did together.

The producers and the MCs give the message that even though Taemin and Na Eun's virtual marriage has ended, perhaps this will give the two to make a real relationship with each other. As Taemin points out, this isn't really good bye. They'll still see each other when they perform for music shows or maybe even guest star on the same variety show. It's not a total good bye, but it still feels sad.

At the end Na Eun manages to compose herself, and they shake hands for the last time. They can't let go, until Na Eun opens up her arms for a tight hug. 

Then it ends.

we got married

Ah, my babies, how you have grown! It was your first virtual marriage and my first recap. I had no idea what I was getting into when I wrote "10 Adorkable Moments: WGM Tae-Eun Couple’s First Date" back in May of last year. How could I have guessed that I would spent almost every Saturday night watching and writing about these two? How could I have known how much I would have gotten attached?

Of course there have times when I got very angry, but all in all, I have become very fond of these two. They have had the blessings of living out the first love fantasy with each other, and I do hope that they will always have a warm friendship. 

My favorite episodes of the TaeEun couple? I really loved how Na Eun secretly practiced cooking for her husband and when Minho and Key came over to terrorize them. My most favorite would have to be the wedding pictorial all three of the couples had to do together. I even had their group picture as my wallpaper for a few weeks.

But I think my most favorite part was how I got to become internet friends with other WGM shippers. Thanks to this recap, I have had the pleasure of chatting with some very sweet dongseng who have been encouraging me. They know who they are (hopefully). It was a great experience, and maybe I'll do recaps again. But regardless, I hope we all keep in touch. Feel free to Tweet at me or ask me a question. I'm always happy to make new friends.

With that, I think it's time for me to say my good bye.


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