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“Infinity Challenge” Members Are All Passed Out

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Being an entertainer is not an easy job, and trying to cheer people up can definitely be an energy drainer.

Infinity Challenge’s” producer, Kim Tae Ho, wrote on his Twitter, “ZZZ” and posted a photo of the show’s members passed out in the back of the bus. The photo shows the variety show’s members No Hong Chul, Park Myung Soo, Gil, and Jung Hyung Don getting some shut eye in between filming.

infinity challenge

What’s more eye catching, though, are the pink and white attire that the members are sporting. On this day, “Infinity Challenge” was filming a cheer squad special, where the members personally showed up to cheer for those who needed support. Despite the high energy given off by the entertainers to the public, it seems that everyone needed to recharge, as Park Myung Soo’s open mouth, and Noh Hong Chul’s crooked head conveyed the importance of sleep for the entertainers’ liveliness.

The project is part of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge’s” desire to cheer on future sporting events such as the Sochi Olympics, Brazil World Cup, and the Incheon Asian Games.

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” airs on Saturdays at 6:45 PM (KST).

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