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Jang Mi In Ae Withdraws Appeal Against Propofol Sentence

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Actress Jang Mi In Ae has withdrawn her court appeal, finally ending her long legal battle. Jang Mi In Ae had filed an appeal in December after receiving a sentence that included a jail term, probation and a fine for abuse of propofol, a psychotropic sleep-inducing drug.

According to a source in the legal field, Jang Mi In Ae submitted her appeal withdrawal to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office via a legal proxy on January 2.

Her appeal withdrawal means that the original sentence of eight months imprisonment and two years of probation holds.

The propofol case was brought to court in March 2013, and the case concluded on November 25 after 16 rounds of court hearings, with Jang Mi In Ae, Lee Seung Yeon and Park Shi Yeon receiving a guilty verdict with eight months in prison, two years of probation and fines.

Actresses Lee Seung Yeon and Park Shi Yeon had accepted their sentences, but Jang Mi In Ae alone chose to file an appeal.

The two doctors charged with illegal administration of propofol to these three actresses are expected to enter a second round of trials shortly, following their court appeals.


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