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IU Praises Figure Skater Kim Yuna

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On January 1, MBC aired a special documentary about figure skater Kim Yuna prior to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Singer IU appeared in the documentary and expressed her thoughts on the figure skater.

In connection to the increasing amounts of coverage and interest, Kim Yuna said, “The press and the fans have always shown interest, but I think [there’s more attention] because it’s Olympic season and it’s going to be my last. First and foremost, I want to focus on my skating. I think I’ll be able to finish with good grace no matter what kind of results I receive.”  

IU, who receives similar attention from the public, was asked how she felt about the pressure she receives from the public. She answered, “For me, I feel so happy as if I’m on top of the world when I win first place on the music programs on the three major networks, but Kim Yuna is No.1 in the world,” explaining that the pressure she receives is in a different level than the pressure Kim Yuna receives.

She added, “I don’t think I can imagine the bliss and the pressure and at the same time be able to smile in front of many people. She’s an incredible person,” praising Kim Yuna.

In regards to figure skating, IU said, “It’s hard enough to skate straight, but [Kim Yuna] does turns and flies on the ice. Maybe she was born with talent. In the past I used to think it was just beautiful, but now I think about how much pain and despair she must have had to endure during her practices. I think it’s just tremendous.”

Kim Yu Na, IU

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