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[Exclusive] Interview with Dabit: Korean-American Singer and Soompier!

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Hey Soompiers! Happy New Year!

And to start off the brand new year, we bring you our first interview for 2014 with none other than the super-talented rookie singer Dabit who turns out to be own of our very own. Yes, he’s a Soompier like you and me!

Dabit graduated from Berklee School of Music and was formerly a trainee at Choeun Entertainment to debut in the current idol group 24K. He left the agency to pursue music that is closer to his heart and released his debut album “When the Wind Blows” under KoffeeDream Entertainment earlier last month.  There are two tracks in the album. “When The Wind Blows” is a warm jazzy intro song while main track “Whoo Whoo Whoo” changes up the pace conveying the feeling of falling for someone at first sight. Both are composed by Dabit.

Check out our interview with Dabit below! There are English subtitles for those who can’t live without subtitles. French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles coming soon!

Dabit covering Eric Benet's "Still With You"


Also, check out his self-composed title track "Whoo Whoo Whoo" below!


Show Dabit some love:
Twitter: @dabit1205
Facebook: dabitofficial
KoffeeDream Entertainment: KoffeeDream

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