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Stress and Burden for Girl Groups Preparing Aerobic Routines for New Years’ “Idol Star Olympics”


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Apparently, there is much stress and burden for the upcoming New Years special of “Idol Star Olympics.” Many are familiar with the program as they get to see their favorite K-Pop idols battle it out on the sports arena. However, agencies can only sigh a breath of concern as their artists begin preparing for the possibly injury filled event.


MBC’s upcoming “Idol Star Olympic” will record on January 13. Girl group fans can expect to see something new as the upcoming filming will included a new category: Aerobics. Girl Groups A Pink, Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Hello Venus, and Tint will all perform aerobic routines to their own hit songs.

However, these girl group agencies have become burdened with issues from being able to learn aerobic routines during the groups’ busy schedules, to backlash from the public because of the tight outfits.

One agency representative stated, “Even though the girls practice two weeks in advance, we don’t have confidence that the girls will show the high skills. It is difficult with the end of the year schedules conflicting with the aerobic preparations. They might be criticized for not doing their best. We worry that if the girls practice over the top, they might get an injury. Also, the girls have to do big body movements while wearing the aerobic outfits that stick tightly on the body. While performing, we are burdened and concerned that the girls might be involved in a controversy regarding sexual exposure.”


Moreover, although the idols may practice diligently for their categories, broadcast time may be limited. In the previous year, girl group Rainbow had practiced for four months to perform a synchronized swimming routine. Yet, Rainbow’s routine was only broadcasted for 40 seconds.

In the past, idols have suffered injuries while filming for MBC’s “Idol Star Olympic.” SISTAR’s Bora had injured her ankle, DMTN’s Daniel had hurt his knees when he fell, SHINee’s Minho had suffered hip pain, EXO’s Tao had injured his hip, and VIXX’s Leo had to wear a cast after injuring his leg.

Furthermore, recording of the show takes an average of more than 20 hours, putting the idols and the staff members through much hardship to endure through the long filming.

Although we may be excited to see our favorite idols all get together for some friendly competition, the controversies, injuries, and hardships may not be worth it. 

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