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Tablo: "I Wish My Father Was Here to See Haru Smile"


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Epik High member Tablo recently opened up about his late father.

In the latest episode of "Superman Returns," the artist and his daughter Haru visited the cemetery. Tablo's father sadly passed away in March last year after a lengthy battle with cancer. While paying a visit to her grandfather's grave, Haru placed a beautiful flower bouquet on the stone and showed him a handmade card with her favorite fish drawn on it. Even though she could not see her grandfather, Haru directed her heartwarming words at the sky, hoping that he will hear what she has to say.

During an interview with the producers, Tablo could not hold back his emotions, "I miss him the most whenever I have good news. I call my relatives when 'Superman Returns' airs, and I also want to call my father and my father-in-law, but I can't call my father." Thinking of his late father made the artist burst in tears, and the filming had to be stopped for a while.

He continued, "Sunday [when the program airs] is both the happiest and the hardest day for me. I always have the same thought in my mind, the thought that I want to see him. Before passing away, he said, 'Haru smiles so rarely. Please make her smile often.' Now she is smiling brightly, but he can't see it."


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