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“Running Man” Ji Suk Jin Loses His Passport: Will He Make It Back in Time for SBS Entertainment Awards?


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Comedian Ji Suk Jin’s passport has gone missing.

On December 29, Ji Suk Jin posted on his Twitter account, “I am at the airport in Vancouver, Canada, and I seem to have lost my passport. I have to attend the awards ceremony, but the embassy is closed today and tomorrow. I don’t know what to do. This is by far the most baffling situation I’ve experienced this year... What should I do? I already missed today’s flight. I can catch the flight tomorrow, but I don’t know if there is any way around this.”

However, moments after this post, he Tweeted again saying, “I got a call from the embassy. Looks like it’s going to work out,” hinting his problem was well resolved.

Ji Suk Jin is a cast of SBS’ “Running Man.” He is expected to attend the “2013 SBS Entertainment Awards” on December 30.

벤쿠버 공항인데 여권을 잃어버렸네요 ㅠ 시상식 참여해야되는데 오늘 내일은 대사관두 쉬네요 어찌해야 할지 두시간째 발만 동동 구르고 있네요~ 올해들어 가장당황스러운일이--,,,어째야 합니까~? 오늘 비행기는 놓쳤구 내일 비행기타면 되는데 방법이없네요

— 지석진 (@ilovegamdong) December 28, 2013

대사관 긴급전화가 있네요

— 지석진 (@ilovegamdong) December 28, 2013

잘될거 같네요~~

— 지석진 (@ilovegamdong) December 28, 2013

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