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Some of 2013's Most Memorable K-Pop Dances


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Although there were many catchy and well produced songs in 2013, we couldn’t help notice the songs that brought the most memorable choreography.

Thus, to wrap up 2013, we reflect back on some of the catchiest choreographies in K-Pop that have not only grabbed our attention in the past year, but perhaps have influenced us to be closet dancers. Hope that after you review the list below, and learn some of the dance moves while no one is watching, you would have confidence to work it on the dance floor!

We present to you some of the most memorable dance choreographies of 2013. The list is in order of the songs’ release dates.

Girls’ Generation: “I Got a Boy”

girls generation

Hey yo’ GG! Nine-member girl group Girls’ Generation started off 2013 with their catchy dance song, “I Got a Boy.” The style of the nine girls wearing snap backs and hip-hop style surprised many fans, as the hip hop concept became another challenge the girls conquered. Ranking first on online music charts as well as topping album sales, “I Got a Boy” showcased hip thrusts and head bangs that tempted everyone at least once to try and follow along to the choreography.

Sistar19: “Gone Not around Any Longer”

sistar 19

Combine contemporary dance with sexy pop and you’ve got two gorgeous ladies who present both good quality music and choreography. From the swaying on the invisible bench, to the contemporary dance with the help of their male back dancers, Hyorin and Bora did not disappoint. Showing a more emotional performance than their previous song “Ma Boy,” Sistar19 once again impressed the music industry with their beautiful and catchy dance moves.

SHINee: “Dream Girl”

Dream Girl

 These five dancing boys spruced things up by using microphones and microphone stands to illustrate their “Dream Girl.” SHINee showed a different style than their usual dance performances by incorporating microphone stands in to their choreography. Paired with eye popping, colorful suits, SHINee’s well choreographed dance moves made us all want to be their “Dream Girl.”

Girl’s Day: “Expectation”


Could we expect any less from these four amazing ladies? Girl’s Day wowed everyone with their suspender dance and subtle sexy touch. “Expectation” not only captured our ears, but the dance has influenced many to try and see just what kind of dance moves could be produced with suspenders. I wouldn’t be honest if I said that I’ve never tried swaying my hips while pretending to stretch imaginary suspenders. The girls were successful at transforming their image to sexy ladies who offer present choreography. Now my big question is… where can I buy me a pair of suspenders?

PSY: “Gentleman”


After having enormous international success with “Gangnam Style,” PSY brought another hit dance move that made everyone sway in a circle with their arms crossed. The singer revamped Brown Eyed Girls’Abracadabra” choreography, including a bit of sass and the stoic ‘I-don’t-care’ face that had us all swaying back and forth in circles. “Gentleman’s” fun dance moves go along well with the song’s comedic message, influencing all to be a bit silly.

2PM: “All Day I Think of You”


If six very handsome men whispered in my ears, “All Day I Think of You,” I think I would easily fly away to cloud nine. Now imagine those men showing off an amazing choreography involving a chair, and we have a very engaging performance.  After almost two years, 2PM’s spectacular comeback this past summer showcased the group’s high quality dance performance that amped the level of sexiness beyond any of our expectations.

Lee Hyori: "Bad Girls"

lee hyori

During her comeback, the queen of sexy decided to show that she’s still got it through her fierce attitude complimented with her sexy dance routine. Known to be the sexy icon, Lee Hyori exemplified how you can perform both a sexy and sharp dance performance, without dropping a sweat. Yet, remember, you got to have some “Bad Girl” attitude, and some extra boldness, to truly replicate the sexy choreography.

EXO: “Wolf”


Starting from the mystical tree to the wolf cave, EXO’s choreography for "Wolf" involved imagery that assisted in understanding the meaning behind the song. Despite having 12 members, EXO has utilized their large number as an advantage to expand their choreography to new heights. Simply watching the concentration of the members during the mystical tree choreography is enough to help realize the intricateness of “Wolf’s” dance moves.

Crayon Pop: “Bar Bar Bar”

bar bar bar

Get, set, ready… Go! Are you jumping yet? Crayon Pop brought everyone on to their feet as the silly, but unique dance and song has helped the group skyrocket to fame. The motorcycle helmet and the interesting outfits helped maximize the synchronized jumping dance move. If you wanted to learn how to dance “Bar Bar Bar” without anyone questioning you, use it as an excuse for exercise and jump away!

A Pink: “No No No”

no no no

The girls returned with a catchy tune and a dance routine that will make you grab all your friends and start shaking your hips. “No No No” is one of A Pink’s hit songs that has influenced others to copy the dance moves, while also falling in love with the sweetness of each member. Although a light song, the choreography will definitely work your hips, and leave you with a desire to dance with all your friends.

EXO: “Growl”


After releasing a buzz worthy choreography through “Wolf,” EXO increased their standards through their eye catching dance and song, “Growl.” Grabbing attention with their one cut camera work for “Growl’s” music video, EXO proved their oneness through their uniformed dance routines and charismatic presence. Also, who else wouldn’t like 12 handsome boys in school uniforms expressing through their dance how passionate they are for the girl they love, I sure love it.

Sunmi: “24 Hours”

24 hours

After leaving Wonder Girls back in 2010, Sunmi has been diligently improving her vocals and dance moves. Apparently it’s paid off as “24 Hours” was probably one of the most copied dance moves in the media throughout 2013. A fusion of contemporary dance and pop, Sunmi’s comeback song left a strong impression in the minds of K-Pop fans. Her dedication to fully embrace the dance choreography by dancing barefoot explains how the song became such hit among K-Pop listeners and dancers.

Trouble Maker: “Now”


The duo showed sexiness on to a completely new level. Unlike the usual dance choreographies that idols show, Troublemaker engaged with each other to show performances that shine the spotlight to their onstage relationship. With HyunA and Hyun Seung establishing their title as one of K-Pop’s dance couples, “Now” is indeed a memorable dance performance.

miss A: “Hush”


Utilizing a horizontal pole, miss A has always redefined dance performances with their unique and fresh dance style. “Hush” has exhibited just that, by utilizing the horizontal pole to display their sexy dance choreography. I mean, we don’t all have a horizontal dance pole nearby, but I’ve caught myself dancing along with my legs, even mimicking the foot works. On top of that, the four gorgeous ladies definitely know how to use the prop to their advantage.

Taeyang: “Ringa Linga”

ringa linga

Taeyang. Just saying the name reminds us of his brilliant one take music video for his song “Ringa Linga.” Being able to master the dance moves within a few days, and then perform it all without a mistake truly conveys a dancer at heart. Amongst all the back dancers, Taeyang was able to stand out with his extraordinarily clean  routine; despite seeming difficult, the fact that the singer seemed to be having fun makes us want to experience that same feeling. So get on your feet, and dance!

Vixx: “Voodoo Doll”


After songs “On and On,” and “Hyde,” Vixx has brought another amazingly choreographed performance through “Voodoo Doll.” Through the use of a skull cane, the group maintained a very dark and powerful dance routine. Often, we see the members sweating towards the end of the performance, which is quite reasonable due to their high caliber dance choreography. If you decided to follow along, you’ll find yourself skipping, jumping, stooping, and even on the ground with your legs kicked up. 

We hope that 2014 will provide many more fun and unique dance moves that we could all learn. What K-Pop dances of 2013 have left a great impression on you? 

i.said.hi is not only a writer for Soompi, but also a closet dancer who learns the K-Pop dance moves simply by watching videos of K-Pop performances. Although in her mind she is the best dancer, that is only true in her own world. Her stress reliever is none other than dancing in the dark when no one is around. Thus, due to her love for K-Pop, she also enjoys writings about the latest dance trends because of her desire to portray the constantly changing culture of K-Pop.

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