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"Man from the Stars" Sells Publication Rights to China for All-Time Highest Price


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SBS' Wednesday-Thursday drama "Man from the Stars" sold its publication rights to China.

The drama proves to be a great success by recording a nationwide rating of 20% on December 18, and it has made the headlines again by revealing that its publication rights have been sold to a Chinese broadcaster for an all-time highest rate.

Even prior to airing the first episode, a Chinese media company showed its interest in "Man from the Stars," and since December 18, the drama has been airing simultaneously in both Korea and China. Chinese viewers are able to watch the drama through mobile drama site PPTV, and it has been met with a highly positive response.

Thanks to the popularity of Hallyu stars Kim Soo HyunPark Hae Jin, and Jun Ji Hyun, "Man from the Stars" has successfully charmed the Chinese audience. Kim Soo Hyun rose to fame through "Dream High" and cemented his star power through "Moon That Embraces The Sun." Park Hae Jin has acted in popular Chinese dramas "Far Away Love" and "Another Kind of Splendid Life," and through her roles in "My Sassy Girl" and "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan," Jun Ji Hyun has earned herself the title of a goddess also in China.

"My Lover from the Stars" airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm.

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