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Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, Moon Geun Young, and More Nominated for Grand Award at "2013 MBC Acting Awards"


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The 2013 MBC Acting Awards will be giving out six High Excellence Awards for acting, and all 20 nominees for this award are automatically nominated for the Grand Award.

According to a MBC representative on December 27, the 2013 MBC Acting Awards taking place on December 30 will be giving out six High Excellence Awards for acting in the categories for miniseries, special project series, and soap opera. There will be a male and a female recipient for each award.

Separating the dramas into categories led to a total of 20 nominees for the award. All 20 nominees are automatically eligible to receive the Grand Award.

The rep explained, “The High Excellence Award nominees are also the Grand Award nominees. Receiving the High Excellence Award does not mean the actor or actress will be ineligible to receive the Grand Award.”

The male nominees for the miniseries category are:

  • Kwon Sang Woo for “Medical Top Team
  • Song Seung Hun for “When a Man Falls in Love"
  • Lee Seung Gi for “Gu Family Book"

The female nominees are: 

  • Go Hyung Jung for “The Queen’s Classroom
  • Bae Suzy for “Gu Family Book
  • Jung Ryeo Won for “Medical Top Team
  • Choi Kang Hee for “7th Grade Civil Servant

For the special project series category, the male nominees are:

  • Kim Jae Won for "Scandal"
  • Jo Jae Hyun for “Scandal
  • Joo Jin Mo for “Empress Ki"

The female nominees are: 

  • Moon Geun Young for “Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi"
  • Ha Ji Won for “Empress Ki
  • Shin Eun Kyung for "Scandal

Under the category for soap opera, the male nominees are"

  • Kim Joo Hyuk for “Heo Joon, the Original Story”
  • Lee Jae Ryong for “King’s Daughter, Soo Bae Hyang
  • Lee Jung Jin for “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance

The female nominees for this category are

  • Eugene for “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance
  • Park Won Sook for "A Hundred Year's Inheritance"
  • Ha Hee Ra for “You’re Great, Really!
  • Han Ji Hye for “Pots of Gold.”

The cast of “Princess Aurora” was not included.

The 2013 MBC Acting Awards will be held on December 30 at 8:45pm (KST) at the MBC head office in Yeouido, Seoul. Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Hye will be hosting the event.

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