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Girl's Day Reveals First Teaser Picture for January Comeback "Something"


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Girl's Day has just raveled a teaser picture for their January comeback on their official Facebook page!

Showing off a sexy look, the girls are wearing revealing dresses while laying down. It is a little hard to notice at first, but there are also mannequins all around them, blending in with the black floor.  

Previously, their agency stated, “Girl’s Day will return with an even more mature look than their previous hits, ‘Expectation’ and ‘Female President.’ Now that all of the members are full-fledged adults, the range of expression accessible to them in both dance and singing has broadened tremendously. We plan to maximize their feminine charms.”

Their two promoted songs in 2013 became breakout hits for the girls this year. They even took their first music show victory with "Female President."

Their new mini album "Every Day Girl's Day III - Something" will be released next Friday on January 3.

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