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[Variety] Star Golden Bell 스타골든벨

Guest honhiguy

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This is availible on the KBS website... You can watch it online for free... I'm currently downloading this week's episode... I can't believe Hee Jun is in this episode. They filmed this on the 14th... Meaning a week before Hee Jun's entry to army... He's so hardworking... I just hope he enjoys his last 2 free days...

what's the site of KBS??? :)

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what's the site of KBS??? :)

Please refer to the LINK in the very FIRST POSTING of THIS THREAD

Please also note that KBS World (Asia/Europe) won't be airing SGB on 23 & 24 November 2010. The following week should be back to SGB 1st Grade Class Episode 25.

I presume that KBS (Korea) would be ending the series with SGB 1st Grade Class Episode 27 today . . . .

I hope KBSW will the SKKS supporting actors episode.

Probably it will air on the week of 7 & 8 December 2010.

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This makes me really very upset;

Not only is Star Golden Bell one of the reminants from the 2000s "height" of variety program, it's also a show that highlighted not only fresh talent but also emphasized respecting the past, an aspect that I loved!

The games mixed in with some very thought provoking questions brought many smiles and much love to newer artists from viewers of the show. If it wasnt for this show, I dont think I would have been able to see a different side of the people in the k-ent business I love so much. Not only that, it mixed together artists that normally dont mix in variety programs such as musicians, announcers, actors, etc.

I'll miss it very very much. Some of the highlights, speculations, and drama that fans quote and use in their fan videos have come from this show. It'll make me miss the good times lol.

I can only hope a show like this will come along very soon. :(

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Guest adikkeluangman

“Star Golden Bell” bids farewell to its viewers

KBS 2TV’s popular variety show, “Star Golden Bell“, has officially reached its end after a solid six-year run.

After first debuting as “Star Golden Bell”, the show later reinvented itself to re-emerge as a ’season two’ version, “Star Golden Bell: Freshmen Class.” Yet the second season lasted only 5 months, before producers decided that the show should finally come to an end. The last episode was aired on the afternoon of November 20th amidst tears and feelings of gratitude.

KBS anchorman Jun Hyun Mu, the MC for the show, stated, “It was an honor to be able to MC for KBS. This will be a program I will never forget. I will continue to show viewers improved sides of myself in the near future.”

Anchorwoman Jung Da Eun also added, “It’s so upsetting having to separate after we’ve all gotten so close to each other. I will appear before the viewers once more through another opportunity.”

Ji Suk Jin concluded, “I’m thankful for the 6,000 different stars that participated in this show over the years more than anything else.”

Gagwoman Jung Juri, a fixed panelist for the show, ended up bursting into tears mid-episode.

“Star Golden Bell” will be replaced by Park Myung Su and Park Kyung Lim’s new show, “100 Points out of 100” on the 27th.


*sobs* i love this show so much. so when the last episode at kbsw. i need to bid my farewell then.

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gosh i'm sorry but i have to ask, it's been driving me crazy for the last two hours. there's an article floating around about how Nichkhun's baby picture was aired on Star Golden bell around October/November of this year and he was compared to Mason Moon Moorhouse, or "Baby Nichkhun". I've read several articles but I can't for the life of me find the episode in question. And I know it had to be this year because Mason looks a lot bigger in his picture, AND the picture that was compared was a picture that Khun himself posted on his twitter and dubbed "Nerd Khun". Sooo....anyone? please? i'd be forever grateful.

on a side note, i can't believe it's ending. i saw the show that's supposed to replace it on KBSWorld and it looks pretty interesting! SHINee and Ft Island (Minho/Hongki respectively) are in it~ so it can't be too bad. while i am disappointed that it's over, at the same time, it was fun while it lasted.

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i was really sad when SGB is announce to be stop airing and was replaced with My School (whatever it's name is)

and it was more sad because some of the episodes is not airing in KBSW since the problem starts when 1 of the MC is found gambling (although he was claiming he was not)

and it became more and more sad when KBSW is so not determine when is exactly the last epsiode of SGB since they were not yet airing the last episode of SGB but already airing for the new show .. and airing abck the SGB (which i is not the last episode)

i was really upset of how this show been treated by KBSW tears.giftears.gif

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Star Golden Bell... :(

The only other show with a similar concept seems to be Strong Heart, right? But they dont play ridiculous games. The highlight of Star Golden Bell were how the MCs mixed wit and humor into the stories and how the stories often came out during ridiculous games lol.

I miss the hosts too. I see Ji Suk Jin everywhere but Jeon Hyun Mu? Do I have to watch Vitamin now? Does he even host that show anymore? lol. I liked his "announcer that could have fun" attitude.

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Jeon Hyun Mu? Do I have to watch Vitamin now? Does he even host that show anymore? lol.

Yes, he is still on KBS' Vitamin and I also see him on KBS' "생생 정보통" which airs on M-F.

Wasn't he on some cooking programme with foreigners, which was briefly shown on KBSW (unsubbed). Not sure if that programme is still going on or ended though.

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Aww, I just watched SGB's final episode last night on KBS America. It was very sad seeing them say goodbye at the end :tears:

But this week's Sherlock was probably the most hilarious ever!  One of my most favorite moments on SGB hehe.

I am so going to miss the show.  It was always fun (except after that horrible reformat a couple of months ago hehe).

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