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[Variety] Star Golden Bell 스타골든벨

Guest honhiguy

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thanks SO much for the upload!!!!!!!!


^ you guys are most welcome. :lol:

haha... thanks!! those brian caps are freaking hilarious, deb!! :P gotta love those expressions!!

HQ is also available in my CB now. :D

mikaney330: the encrypted YSI link seems to be working fine. why do you need a re-up? :unsure:

sorry dreamweaver! it wasn't working on mine for some reason >_<!!

but i FINALLY dled!!

thanks so much!! ^^*

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Guest nimbusrey

Wow. This week's episode of Star Golden Bell is the best one so far that I've seen. Brian was so funny as usual. He's so wacky. I thought that Heechul and Eeteuk of Super Junior were awesome and adorable too. Hahaha. I just thought it was hilarious how Eeteuk's cheating device didn't really work out as planned. I loved how Yoo min of NRG and that other guy always shares bread with anyone failing the math quiz and that English segment was hilarious too. Love how that English teacher picked on Kim Jung Min ajushii.

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The guests on this weeks episode made the show worth watching! Brian and his antics never fail to make me laugh. His english is soooooo sexy and his impersonation of HwanHee was hilarious! Too bad he didn't win the last game. :(

Ah wells, definitely a good and funny episode! Brian <3

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i thought it ended so abruptly.. i thought there was more hah.. i guess not.

does anyone know what song/who sang the song at the end of the episode? it showed some guy boxing?

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ah this was my first time watching it ^^

wow i love how Brian talks in english, he has such a smooth voice lol~

and i couldn't stop laughing when he was imitating Hwanhee when they had phoned him LOL

i also found it really funny when older jungmin was called ss501's dad, and ss501 jungmin could be heard saying no, he's my "grandFa" lol what a dork ^^

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