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Kim Gura the Entertainment Prophet, Take Heed When This Man Speaks


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Kim Gura has been attracting attention for his prophetic comments.

Kim Gura appeared on SBS “Healing Camp” on December 16. He shared his opinion on the 2013 nominees for the entertainment awards of each of the three main broadcasters, “‘Sunday Night’ cast is a top contender on MBC. On KBS, Yoo Jae Suk’s ‘Happy Together’ has been going for a long time, it’s time to give it to someone else. Can’t they give it to Chu Sa Rang?” (Chu Sa Rang is the daughter of MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon.)

He added, “I couldn’t forget Kim Byung Man’s disappointed expression at the 'SBS Entertainment Awards' last year.”

There has been an explosion of interest in Kim Gura’s predictions.

What has Kim Gura predicted so far?

On MBC “Radio Star” on August 21, he gave this advice to f(x)’s Sulli, “Just do it. It’s alright. Even if your picture if taken a hundred times, just keep going.” Sulli had previously said that she wanted to walk along the street with the person she likes.

Subsequently, Sulli was caught on camera walking on the street and holding hands with Dynamic Duo's Choiza on September 26, sparking off rumors that the two were in a romantic relationship. SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture, their respective agencies, denied the rumors, claiming that they shared a close older brother-younger sister relationship instead. Kim Gura’s comment just a month before made it seem like he had predicted it before the fact.

Kim Gura began hosting SBS “Hwashin” in May 2013, and speaking to guest Bong Tae Gyu, he said, “Let’s do a variety show together sometime.” Bong Tae Gyu joined the show as an emcee a week later, after Yoon Jong Shin stepped down from the show.

In 2011, Kim Gura said on MBC “Radio Star,” “Kim Bum Soo asked me about appearance fees before. I thought to myself that this man was going to leave soon.” With that, he predicted that announcer Kim Bum Soo would become a freelancer.

Kim Gura's Predictions
What do you think of Kim Bum Soo’s logical predictions? Is they based on pure logic? Does he have inside information? And most importantly, will his any of his predictions come true at this year's entertainment award shows?

Kim Gura's Predictions

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