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Won Bin and Lee Na Young Enjoy a Wedding Date


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On December 17, an industry insider shared that Won Bin and Lee Na Young attended an agency staff’s wedding on December 15, which took place in Seoul.

The couple admitted their dating relationship earlier this year in July when one news media leaked paparazzi photos of the two on the date. However, they’re receiving a lot of attention for this outing since this is the first time they were spotted so plainly in public together. Add to the fact that it’s a wedding of all places, people are already jumping to conclusions.

Many fans were at first shocked of the two dating, but have quickly accepted their relationship as both have great public images. After confirming their relationship, the power celebrity couple became the visual couple in the entertainment world.

Many fans are waiting for their next projects as fans are more used to seeing them on screen for their endorsement deals. Won Bin’s last project was the hit movie “Ahjusshi,” which was released in 2010. Lee Na Young last participated in the movie “Howling” in 2012.

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