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4Minute’s So Hyun Shows Blossoming Beauty Through Series of Self Photos


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What’s your name, what’s your name; as 4Minute had sung those lines in their previous song, “What’s Your Name,” it’s hard not to ask the same question towards the group’s youngest member.

Kwon So Hyun

On December 13, 4Minute’s So Hyun uploaded a series of self taken photos showing just how much the young singer has grown. On her Twitter, the singer posted the first self photo of the day with the message, “Listening to music on a snowy day~~ Schedule Start~~ ^^ Careful for the snow roads~~^^”. The photo showed the 4Minute member sporting earplugs, and preparing for her daily activities.

Kwon So Hyun

The next photo So Hyun posted was a set of four photos in which the singer’s white attire perfectly described the snowy weather of Korea. Along with the photo, So Hyun wrote “20 Years old keke.”

It’s hard to believe that the 19 year old singer (20 years old in Korean age) debuted over four years ago when she was only 14 years old. Despite the changing times, it seems So Hyun’s beauty remains the same, as the singer continues to strive for her best amid her busy schedule.

We hope you stay healthy during this winter season So Hyun, and also careful for the snowy roads!

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