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Rapper Tablo Explains Why His Daughter Haru Has Short Hair


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On December 12, rapper Tablo explained why his daughter, Haru looks like a boy on the KBS show “Happy Together Season 3”. This episode featured the fathers from the popular KBS variety show “Superman Returns”. Tablo stated that people would always confuse his daughter as his son because of her short hair. He explained why Haru sported a short hairdo. It is because Haru was annoyed with her long hair getting in her face, so Tablo and his wife actress Kang Hye Jung made the decision to cut it short.

Haru Long Hair

Tablo explained that he is used to people asking if Haru is his son, so he would casually reply, “She’s my daughter.” In a previous episode of “Superman Returns”, comedian Jung Hyung Don had made the mistake when he first saw Haru.

Tablo stated that the only time when he becomes flustered is when people just automatically think Haru is a boy and he is unable to correct them. Tablo gave an example of when Haru went to the zoo with him. All the little boys around Haru was crying and scared in front of the large animals. However, Haru was indifferent to the animals. The mother of the boy next to Haru exclaimed, “Look at this big boy next to you. He’s not scared of the animals. He’s not even crying. Don’t cry! Become brave like the boy next to you”. Tablo stated that he felt that if he corrected the mother after that lecture; both Tablo and the mother would become very embarrassed. Thus, he didn’t say anything and acted like Haru was a boy.

After hearing this, the netizens have been showing Tablo showing support and encouragement by exclaiming “Haru’s short hair gives her character” and “It’s okay if she is mistaken for a boy now because I think she’s going to be very pretty when she’s older.”

 Tablo and Haru Long Hair

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