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Kim Nam Gil Talks About Relationship with Son Ye Jin


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Kim Nam Gil recently spoke about his relationship with co-star Son Ye Jin and said, "I'm so comfortable with her and we work together so well to the point that a dating rumor could start."

On December 12, the filming set for the upcoming movie "Pirates" was revealed. There, a reporter asked Kim Nam Gil, "Your chemistry with Son Ye Jin was so great that dating rumors were started up. What is Son Ye Jin really like on set?" The actor answered, "I worked with her for the drama 'Shark' and although her character on the drama is different from the film, both of those roles fit well with my roles."

He continued, "I think both of our characters fit us well. We both met characters that bring our own unique traits to life. In the movie, there is a scene where I tease Son Ye Jin and she nags at me. We play a lot of jokes on each other in real life so it was really similar. It felt comfortable and our chemistry was great. Personally, I'm happy that we worked together."

Previously, Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin were rumored to be dating due to their back-to-back projects for the drama "Shark" and film "Pirates."

Meanwhile, "Pirates" is expected to hit theaters next summer. Check out some of the stills that were released earlier!

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