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Wheesung Shares His Story of Switching from YG to YMC Entertainment

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Singer Wheesung recently revealed the emotional story of how he was picked up by trot legend Tae Jin Ah, the founder of YMC Entertainment, after his contract with YG Entertainment ended.

The two singers participated in the special Wheesung episode of JTBC's "Hidden Singer 2" that aired on December 7. Wheesung shared, "After my contract with YG Entertainment expired, I was having a difficult time in many ways. After opening up about my worries regarding how I should live, Tae Jin Ah told me to meet him in an hour." He said how he went to the meeting place and found the senior singer and employees of YMC Entertainment all gathered to one place. Tae Jin Ah then introduced him by announcing, "From now on, we are family."

The trot singer reminisced the past, "Wheesung approached me by sharing his life story and how his dream has been to buy a house to his father. He is a good singer, so I could not let him go," and continued to praise the junior, "He felt like a blessing. The first song he released after entering our company was 'Heartsore Story.' He is a truly hardworking singer." Hearing this, Wheesung expressed his gratitude, "Tae Jin Ah is like a father to me."


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