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[Exclusive] FTISLAND Autographed Album Giveaway + Special Interview!

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Hey Soompiers! The members of FTISLAND took time out of their busy schedule to answer some of our questions!

The boys made a comeback with fifth mini album “The Mood” late last month and have been busy since promoting their title track “Madly.” We’ve also held a special contest with genie K-POP and FTISLAND recently, which you can see the results here! The members sure had fun saying the names of some of the winners~

Additionally, Soompi is giving out three AUTOGRAPHED FTISLAND “The Mood” CDs

To enter the contest all you have to do is:

  1. Leave a comment on this article what you liked about the interview (please include your Twitter username)
  2. Follow us on Twitter (@soompi), and
  3. Tweet: @soompi is giving away 3 FTISLAND CDs! Just COMMENT on http://bit.ly/IYJvQO, FOLLOW, and RETWEET to win #soompiFTISLAND

Good luck everyone!

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will contact you through Twitter if you’re one of the lucky winners, so don’t forget to check your mentions and direct messages! You will need to reply to us in the next 24 hours after our message!

This giveaway will run from Saturday, December 7, to Tuesday, December 10 KST.

We will announce the winners throughout the contest so check back to see if you’ve won! Good Luck!

- 12/8: @skullsasaengie
- 12/9: @LuisaJun09
- 12/11: @rachelvm 

Click on the numbers on the bottom of the page to read the interview!

Soompi: What should the fans expect from "The Mood" that is different from your previous songs?
FTISLAND: “Madly” is a rock ballad style track that’s similar to the well-received debut track “Love Sick” and last year’s much loved track “Severely.” We think that songs where you can have fun and rock out in concerts as well as calm ballads all fit within FTISLAND’s style. This track is a new ballad by us for this winter, so please show it a lot of love!

Soompi: What is your favorite song from the latest album, and why?
Jaejin: “The Way Into You”
Hongki: “Siren.” My song.
Jonghun: “I Can’t Have You.”
Minhwan: “Siren.” It’s fun.

Soompi: As the K-Pop scene is changing, it seems like you need to have massive hype and crazy marketing to grab people’s attention. With your upcoming comeback, did your agency consider any crazy strategies for you?
FTISLAND: Rather than a creative strategy, just like how K-Pop has become a content well-loved by people all over, SNS marketing has become the trend. We’re currently using a lot of different channels to reach our fans like Weibo, which we haven’t used before for our Chinese fans, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Naver’s Line and others.

Soompi: Which song would you recommend to non-FTISLAND fans to get them interested in the band, either from your latest album, or among all your songs?
FTISLAND: “Life.” It’s a song that contains FTISLAND’s values and lifestyle. 

Soompi: The clothing theme for the [THANKS TO] album seems to be black, e.g. black jacket, black pants, black tops. What is the style theme and inspiration for your latest album?
FTISLAND: “Memory” and “Madly” are ballad tracks so we went for a neat and tidy suit concept as a base. We worked the simple suit concept with various detailed focal points.

Click on the bottom of the page to read the rest of the interview!

Soompi: You have so many songs, it’s incredible that you can remember all the lyrics. Especially when there are songs with same melody, but lyrics in Korean and Japanese. Have you ever mixed up the lyrics to your songs during performance? Does one member do it more than the others?
FTISLAND: Always. There were even times when we would mix up and sing Korean and Japanese lyrics on stage. However, we think that the concert atmosphere is more important. We can’t guarantee it, but we’ll be cautious to not make similar mistakes again.

Soompi: To Jaejin, Minhwan, and Seunghyun: This past year the three of you were involved in musicals. Do you feel that the experience has changed your view on performing or has helped you in any way?
Jaejin: Besides Hongki who’s the lead vocal, I’m a sub-vocal for the group. I hear from quite a few people around me that I’ve improved. But, I think that I still lack a lot. I would like to get professional vocal training.
Minhwan: I’ve always had activities with the hyungs so I was a bit nervous having to stand on stage by myself, but I feel that I’ve gotten better with more experience. That’s probably why I enjoy our group activities even more.
Seunghyun: I’m still lacking a lot on the musical stage. I want to show that I’m improving a little by little. Just like what Minhwan said, it’s true that the experience of standing alone on stage is helping a lot. I think that both standing on stage as FTISLAND and standing on stage as musical actor Song Seunghyun are attractive charms.

Soompi: Jaejin, fans were very disappointed when you deactivated your Twitter account, but they forgave you when you started up Instagram! And they wonder if Minhwan has forgotten his Twitter password! Do you guys ever read your fans’ comments on Twitter, and what kind of messages or photos do you like them to post?
Jaejin: Of course I monitor the comments. It’s always fun to communicate with the fans. I like seeing all the fun posts fans share. However, it would be great if people refrain from sending bizarre photos. T_T

Soompi: Ah, it's already our last question. Has there ever been a point in your careers where you wanted to give up? If so, who or what helped you keep going?
FTISLAND: Our driving force as musicians is always the fans. We’re always thankful for you, Primadonnas!! We ask that you continuously show our songs a lot of love.

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