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Kim Ah Joong Talks About Her Kiss Scene With Joo Won

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On the latest episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” on December 6, actress Kim Ah Joong talked about her kiss scene with actor Joo Won.

The two actors have a movie coming up later this month called “Catch Me.”  Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won have a kiss scene together, and the hosts asked Kim Ah Joong how it was. At this, Joo Won said, “I really put in a lot of effort..” 

Kim Ah Joong, looking flustered, started off by saying, “Joo Won hasn’t had a lot of kissing scenes,” at which Shin Dong Yeop jokingly jumped in with, “How bad must it have been..”

The actress continued, “He’s like a baby,” surprising Joo Won. She said, explaining further, that “Because of the nature of his character, I had told him, ‘It’s right that you should come towards me like this, and I receive it like this,’” and quickly remedied the situation.

Joo Won also talked about his ideal body type on the show.  Read more here!

Be sure to catch their new movie in theaters on December 19!

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