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Yoona Has a Paparazzi Photo She Wants to Forever Delete

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Having some privacy as one of the top female idol groups is tough. However, when YoonA and other Girls’ Generation members had their photos secretly taken on an airplane, it was reasonable for why the singer would want such photos to be permanently deleted.

On the December 5 episode of “Happy Together Season 3,” the cast of the upcoming KBS drama, “Prime Minister and I” shared their funny and personal experiences that detailed their celebrity life. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA described her story of how she was secretly photographed during a private moment.


Regarding the incident, the singer said, “Sometimes rice balls are served on the airplane. I was watching a movie and eating at the same time. When I opened my mouth real wide to take a bite, the person photographed me right at that moment. After eating, I fell asleep with my mouth open. The photos were published in a Hong Kong magazine. Those photos are images that I want to forever erase.”

Despite the seriousness of the topic, the singer laughed off the incident, showing her usual bright self. The secretive nature of the photographs that were taken once again raises the issue of privacy violations in the Korean entertainment industry. Ironically, the singer will play a paparazzi who follows the Prime Minister in her upcoming drama.

YoonA’s new drama, “Prime Minister and I” will air its first episode on December 9 at 10PM (KST).

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