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"Duty Clear" Tricks Defconn, Kwang Hee, Ki Tae Young, Lee Hoon, and Oh Jong Hyuk on Hidden Camera

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On December 3, the first episode of KBS2 "Duty Clear" was aired. There was two hidden camera segments in this episode. The first hidden camera segment involved rapper Defconn, boy band ZE:A Kwang Hee, actor Ki Tae Young, actor Lee Hoon, and singer Oh Jong Hyuk. The first segment focused on how the participants of the show would handle a thief who has just stolen a woman’s purse.

Both Defconn and his manager was not informed of the hidden camera segment. Defconn’s manager caught the thief and Defconn held him while, his manager called the police. Defconn asked the victim if she had lost anything. He made sure that the victim was safe and taken care of. However, when it was Kwang Hee’s turn, the actress did not scream, so he thought that the running thief was another pedestrian and did not pay any attention. The staff was flustered that the actress did not scream. Ki Tae Young and Lee Hoon ran to the screaming woman as they caught the thief. The staff was impressed with Oh Jong Hyuk who ran in a lightning speed to help the woman.

On Duty Lee Sang Moo

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In the second hidden camera segment, Kwang Hee was fooled by the other cast members. Poor Kwang Hee! On the first day of filming of On "Duty Clear," Kwang Hee arrived late. Lee Hoon, Defconn, and Ki Tae Young had worked together to fool Kwang Hee by doing their own hidden camera segment.

There was a chill in the air that passed in the room as Kwang Hee had entered. Lee Hoon started to yell at Kwang Hee for being late. Until singer Oh Jong Hyuk had entered, Kwang Hee was unable to talk and it was then revealed it was a hidden camera segment. Although, Kwang Hee knew it was hidden camera, he had shown restraint his laughter and stuttered. Defconn stated that “if Lee Hoon had gone further, would you have cried?” Kwang Hee confessed, “I have heard that you are a scary hyung…I mean senior. I thought that if I had cried, I would have gotten in more trouble, so I could not cry”. After his confession, everyone burst out in laughter.

Kwang Hee in Trouble

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"Duty Clear"" is a special TV segment which focuses on five members who goes through police training and have real on-duty experiences as a police officer. For these members to be police officers, they must go through necessary training. This special segment will be aired on December 3, 4, and the 6.

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