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Lady Jane and Kim Ji Min Do Not Support Going Public with Dating


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Singer Lady Jane and comedian Kim Ji Min have together expressed their disapproval of public dating.

During the November 27 broadcast of KBS2's "Mamma Mia," the comedian shared her story of going public with her relationship and sadly breaking up. Her mother said, "I was on a bus going to Seoul when I saw news titled 'Kim Ji Min's sudden breakup' on the TV. Over half of the people knew that I am her mother, and they just kept checking how I react. That situation made me feel very embarrassed." Despite the trouble she went through, she continued to express her honest opinion, "Relationships should be revealed to the public."

However, Kim Ji Min did not agree with her mother. "Dating in public should not be done," she said, and Lady Jane joined her by stating, "I know what she means. Public dating is definitely not okay." Viewers could not help but laugh when Kim Ji Min put her arm around the singer's neck and said, "For some reason I feel like we just became really close."

The comedian is known for having dated colleague Yoo Sang Moo in the past, and until recently, Lady Jane was in a public  relationship with rapper Simon D

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