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Fans Create a Survival Strategy for Lee Min Ho's Character on "The Heirs"


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SBS’s “The Heirs” character Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) doesn't need to be worried about getting his things taken away. He has a solid survival plan. 

In “The Heirs,” Kim Tan falls into a situation where his father confiscates his phone and wallet out of anger, at which his fans suggested something called “Kim Tan’s survival strategy.” Gathering different ideas from fans and putting them together, Lee Min Ho’s agency released the 'official' survival strategy on November 26.

Fans suggested Kim Tan survive by going out on audition programs for the largest misfortune, or modeling for commercials, creating various fun items by using puns on his name, Tan. See some of the creations below!

Miss A's Suzy better watch out! She's got some serious modeling competition!

kim tan

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