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Ivy Jokingly Worries About Being Berated Due to Joo Won's Popularity


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Ivy has always been rather open about talking about issues she's had in the past. She tends to address them with her usual good sense of humor, and she once again didn't mince her words during the press conference for her new musical, "Ghost" featuring the ever popular and handsome actor, Joo Won

Ghost Joo Won Ivy

On November 21, at the Seoul D'Cube Art Center, a press conference was held after the performance of a new musical called "Ghost" featuring Ivy and Joo Won as the lead protagonists. The musical is based off the 1990 American romantic fantasy movie of the same name, a movie that happens to be quite popular in this little corner of the world. 

During this press conference, Ivy was asked "A lot of older ladies have expressed their fondness for Joo Won in the past. Have you ever been nervous while  working with Joo Won?" Ivy, rather than being infatuated with the talented actor, replied back that she found Joo Won "Uncomfortable."


As for the reason, it goes back several years to Ivy rather seductive MAMA performance with 2PM's Nichkhun. Ivy stated that "I had my mini-hompy (personal blog) terrorized in the past after seducing the popular idol, Nichkhun, as part of my work.I'm also careful in front of Joo Won because he is extremely popular."

She continued to talk about how Joo Won is "Such a great actor and has a lot of positive points" but that "She doesn't have any personal feelings for him." She then jokingly mentioned that despite this, "It seems like I've already reserved the No. 1 spot in the search engines," garnering laughs from the people present at the conference.  

Yet despite her concerns about getting too close to Joo Won, she continued to joke around with the idea telling the press that "There is a really famous scene (In the movie/musical) where they use the pottery wheel while Sam hugs her (Molly) from behind. That also happens to be my favorite scene," once again garnering plenty of laughs at the conference. 

Ivy had previously appeared with Joo Won on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook to talk about their new musical and already received some "fevered" interest for their on-stage kiss.

The musical "Ghost" will run for 9 months at the D'Cube Art Center with Joo Won and Ivy as one of two sets of rotating protagonists. 

Here is a video of the crew during one of their open practice sessions


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