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“Beautiful Man” Releases New Posters and Teaser


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KBS2TV’s “Beautiful Man” released new posters and a teaser clip, providing new previews for the upcoming drama.

With the drama’s first episode to broadcast on November 20, “Beautiful Man” revealed new posters that portray the different personalities of the four main characters.

The new group poster conveyed the upcoming storyline between the beautiful man Dokko Matae, played by Jang Geun Suk, and the plain Jane character Kim Bo Tong, played by IU. Moreover, the inclusion of Hong Yoo Ra, played by Han Chae Young, and Choi David, played by Lee Jang Woo, foreshadow the interweaving relationships of the four characters in the future episodes.

beautiful man poster 2

The four individual posters also compliment the character personalities of the individual characters. Dokko Matae’s appeal to women, especially towards Korea’s top 1% women, is obvious through his character poster. Kim Bo Tong’s poster provides a prediction of the character’s love towards Dokko Matae, as well as Kim Bo Tong’s neck scarf trade mark that characterizes her personality. Choi David’s poster provides an example of a beautiful man who is nice and sincere, falling in love with his ideal type Kim Bo Tong, foreshadowing a love triangle with Dokko Matae. Lastly, Hwang Yoo Ra’s poster exhibits her elite fashion, and shows a charisma that will help make Dokko Matae into a beautiful man.

Along with the new posters, the second teaser for the drama further helps create the different personality and style of each character. Although Dokko Matae and Hong Yoo Ra portray characters of high class, the involvement of average Kim Bo Tong and her admirer Choi David foreshadows the drama’s possible love lines and unique story plot.

KBS2TV’s Beautiful man airs its first episode on November 20 at 10PM KST. 

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