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Get Wild with NORAZO through Their New Music Video “Wild Horse”


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We hope you missed the powerful music of NORAZO because the duo has returned with their new song “Wild Horse.”

NORAZO are making a comeback after one year and six months! Known for their colorful, vibrant, and unique performances, the duo rock group has come back with a new song that will have fans dancing and feeling a new sense of freedom.

The group’s new song, “Wild Horse,” embodies the concept of freedom and returning to one’s roots. As CJ E&M MUSIC expressed on their Youtube channel, NORAZO “had left on a music adventure to discover their music color.”

norazo wild horse

 The energetic music video begins with the narration that states, “A horse has to run. They have to run to live. People call them wild horse,” and without missing a beat the duo appears in their unique horse outfits. However, the music video portrays a deeper meaning than simply a comedic video, as NORAZO’s members Jo Bin and Lee Hyuk illustrate the essence of a happy life found in freedom. As the scenes contrast horses (or NORAZO as horses) in the wild with horses in captivity, the music video clearly marks the group’s unique, but talented music style.

Falling under the genre of Rock Dance, NORAZO has produced another energetic and powerful melody through “Wild Horse.” Known for their creative and one of a kind music, “Wild Horse” is predicted to make a lasting impression in the music industry. Having garnered attention for their previous hit songs Superman, Mackerel, and Curry, Norazo hopes to share their upgraded musical style through this track. 

As the music video concluded with the quotes, “Don’t lose the wild. The wild will never die,” we hope Norazo will continue to contribute to the Korean music industry through their own unique musical personality.

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