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Monthly Underrated K-Pop New Music Releases - First Half of November


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November’s new releases contains singles and albums from October 29 through November 11.

To start off with the electronica releases, House Rulez returns with their single “After Reset.” The single consists of two title tracks, “After Reset” featuring Kyle and “This Song Is For You” featuring Nine Muses’ Hyuna. Next is co-ed group Monobloc who shares their first single “Witch.” The self-titled track is a unique electronica and indie piece. Twin sister duo The Kokos released their 4th single “Every Day.” The two has been active in both Seoul and London, Jung In in singing and songwriting while JIIN in composing and sound designing.

Singer-songwriter Han SoA impresses with her deep charming vocals for her new release. Her sultry voice resonates throughout the six tracks included in the EP. R&B singer-songwriter 40 debuts duo “Go.” Members consist of D.no and Mori who adds warmth in their debut track “9 O’clock in the Evening” in this cold weather. Lastly, R&B ballad group Dia Tree showcases their harmonious vocals in their new single “Bar Girl.” Produced by Kim Woo Joo of Old Time, the sorrowful track speaks of the seductive fragrance and long lashes of a bar girl.

Please tune in the next couple of weeks for the second half of November music releases. If you missed the second half of October releases , you can check it out here. Also, if you are interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them, you can make a request via comment, Soompi Facebook or Twitter and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the K-Pop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.); therefore, not all requests can be fulfilled.

2Guys - Phromone (October 29) (Dance)  

September 27th


PS Young Jun - Enjoy (October 29) (Hip Hop) Wangbae - 가을처럼 (October 29) (Ballad) Han SoA - 나쁜장난 (October 30) (Ballad) House Rulez - After Reset (October 30) (Electronica)

Monobloc - 마녀 (October 30) (Indie/Electronica) 

1sagain & Ikha - Tear Drops (October 31) (Hip Hop/R&B/Soul) Healing Project - My Everything (November 1) (Indie) Arang - Priere (November 4) (Ballad) PP Comics - Wait For Me (November 4) (Indie) Sunshine - 가을바람 (November 4) (Ballad) Neo Line - Moment (November 5) (R&B/Soul) The Kokos - Every Day (November 5) (Electronica) 가다 - 저녁아홉시 (October 5) (R&B/Soul) Band Phantomz - Zero (November 6) (Rock) Ezis - Isbisr (November 6) (Hip Hop) Hwi On - Precious Gift (November 6) (Hip Hop) Dia Tree - 술집여자 (November 7) (R&B/Soul) Min Chae - Heart of Gold (November 7) (Indie) Bluefish - 쉽지 않은 사랑 (November 8) (Ballad) Miffung - 내 못난 사랑 (November 11) (R&B/Soul)

Credits & Sources:

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