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[Concert Recap] VIXX Entices US Starlights During "The Milky Way" Showcase in Dallas


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Six-member boy group VIXX recently brought their charming presence to the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie in Dallas, Texas for the first US stop of their “The Milky Way” global showcase, and Soompi was there to watch it happen!

Read on for our full recap of "The Milky Way" concert. More things are in store, so be sure to be on the look out!


It's hard to believe that just a little over a year ago, VIXX was still a rookie group performing in Baltimore, Maryland at Otakon 2012. Fast forward to November of this year: with several hits under their belts and touring opportunities that even many seasoned K-Pop veterans have yet to experience, the six boys of VIXX are now on their global showcase tour, with two stops in the United States alone. 

At 7:30, a quick teaser brought about a wave of deafening screams and chants of "VIXX" from the Dallas Starlights. On center stage, VIXX officially began the concert with a powerful performance of their third single "On and On," pumping up the audience with their energy and charismatic aura. With pause, the boys launched into "Light Up the Darkness," completely at ease with the continuous cheering of the fans. Even notoriously shy member Leo seemed comfortable on stage, effortlessly completing the group's formation during the song. 

Although VIXX displayed a mesmerizing demeanor during their performance, the members quickly showed their cute and goofy personalities during their self-introductions, throwing hearts and plenty of aegyo at the crowd. While Leo retreated backstage to prepare for his upcoming solo stage, the rest of the members picked a seat number out of a box for a special surprise.


The lights dimmed, and a single spotlight swung to reveal Leo, dressed in black, playing the piano while covering Trey Songz's "Can't Be Friends," his harmonic vocals echoing throughout the venue. Immediately after, Ravi's performance had the crowd jumping on their feet, as he commanded their attention with his energetic rap.

As the iconic riff from Grease's "Summer Nights" began to play, members Hongbin and Hyuk led out the winner from the previous seating drawing. With a variety of "oldies but goodies" music as the backdrop, the boys began to battle for the lucky Starlight's affection (some of which, to the audience's delight, included Hongbin showing the audience his abs!), making for one of the most fanservice-filled performances of the night.

Next, Ken's cover of Chris Brown's "Turn Up the Music" truly served the original song justice, arousing loud screams from the crowd. N's sensual dance immediately following gave fans' cheering no time to rest, as he gracefully and flawlessly glided around stage in a blindfold. 

A video montage of VIXX's training and preparations pre-debut shed a new light on the members' struggles behind-the-scenes, as they strive towards perfection for their fans. The video was followed, fittingly, by VIXX performing their debut single "Super Hero," a stage that paid homage to the countless hours the boys spent while trying to debut. 


In some ways, "The Milky Way" showcase was very much a fan meeting, with VIXX spending a good amount of time interacting with Starlights and fulfilling their requests. The boys did gwiyomi (yes - even Leo participated in the silliness), danced Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy," had a rap battle (Hyuk won over Ravi by repeatedly singing Eminem's famous line: "I'm not afraid"), and read aloud fan's marriage requests (N: "No! I'm too young!" Ken: "I'm ready!")

During "Starlight," a crowd of balloons and fan banners could be seen waving in the air, forming an ocean of yellow and white. Even the members themselves were mesmerized by the scene, their shocked but grateful expressions giving them away. Their live rendition of "Rock Ur Body" made for one of the most exciting stages, with the fans dancing and singing along to the catchy melody. 

The members retreated offstage, teasing a fake ending to the concert. In the darkness, a uniform chorus of "We Want VIXX" echoed, and soon the members obliged with the request, appearing back on stage to perform their final songs of the night: a remix version of "Hyde" and "G.R.8.U".


VIXX's "The Milky Way" showcase will continue with their November 10 Los Angeles stop - if you have the opportunity, be sure to catch them live!  


VIXX "The Milky Way" Global Showcase Set List: 

  • On and On
  • Light Up the Darkness
  • Leo - Can't Be Friends (Trey Songz)
  • Ravi - (New Song)
  • Hongbin & Hyuk Performance
  • Ken - Turn Up the Music (Chris Brown)
  • N - Blindfold Dance
  • Super Hero
  • Starlight
  • Rock Ur Body
  • Hyde
  • G.R.8.U

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