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Lee Kwang Soo and Choi Song Hyun Kiss Without Rest in "Potato Star 2013QR3"

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Lee Kwang Soo and Choi Song Hyun's intense kiss scene is becoming a hot topic!

Lee Kwang Soo appeared on an episode of "Potato Star 2013QR3" as a cameo. He appeared as Noh Bo Young's (played by Choi Song Hyun) college senior and film director.

In the drama, Noh Bo Young's husband Kim Do Sang (played by Kim Jung Min), came back from a premiere of the fictitious film "Introduction to Engineering," which is directed by Lee Kwang Soo's character. After Kim Do Sang returned, he began to have suspicions on his wife and Lee Kwang Soo's relationship and started to imagine them sharing a kiss.

Kim Do Sang's imagination was further fueled by Lee Kwang Soo's comment, "This film is from my own experience. I went on vacation to Cheongju with my first love and we kissed all day. We kissed while we walked, we kissed while we were in the car."

As Kim Do Sang imagined this, scenes of Lee Kwang Soo and Noh Bo Young kissing on the train tracks, highway, and car were seen.

The staff previously commented, "As soon as Lee Kwang Soo and Choi Song Hyun met for the first time, they had a kiss scene right away. They kissed over 15 times."

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