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ZE:A Denies Claims of Earning University Credits Using Illegal Methods

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Idol group ZE:A has recently been caught up in a controversy regarding their school attendance records. Reports claim that one of the members has used illegal ways to alter his attendance. 

The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea investigated the state of financial records, management of academic affairs, employment of professors and others in 19 cyber universities and 21 graduate schools in past June and July. As a result, they found astonishing 30 cases of improper handling of school related issues that were further reported to the Minister of Education.

One of these cases is affiliated with four students attending a cyber university. From their entrance year in 2010 until the first semester of 2011, the students attended 39 courses but failed to participate in required 75% of the classes. The professors and teacher's assistants had substituted for the students and given them full credits. One of these students has been reported to be a member of ZE:A.

The members' agency Star Empire Entertainment announced in a press release on November 8, "This is our official response to the proxy attendance reports. ZE:A has not used any illegal methods to attend university lectures. An investigation conducted by The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea two months ago regarding this issue proved that the member has nothing to do with the claims. We also came to know about this issue through the investigation. Therefore, grades from year 2010 have been changed to Fs. It is very unfortunate that the school officials have handled the students' attendance records without their permission. We apologize for involuntarily causing you worry."

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