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JYJ's Yoochun Confirmed as “Three Days” Male Lead, While Park Ha Sun Considers Female Lead Role

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On November 4, Park Yoochun’s entertainment agency confirmed that “It has been made official that Park Yoochun will be playing the lead male character, ‘Han Tae Kyung,’ in ‘Three Days.’ Yoochun didn’t hesitate to accept the role after reading the synopsis of the drama written by Kim Eun Hee and directed by Shin Kyung Soo, who have been behind works like ‘Sign,’ ‘Phantom’ and ‘Tree With Deep Roots.’ Based on the robust synopsis and the opportunity to work with a renown scriptwriter and producer, Yoochun was excited to accept the part and try out a different role.” 

“Three Days” is based upon an exciting action-thriller plot of the disappearance of the President while on vacation at a villa after three gunshots are fired. As the president’s bodyguard, Park Yoochun must locate the president and encounter various obstacles in order to safely escort the President back to the Blue House. 

On the other hand, “Two Weeks” actress Park Ha Sun is favorably considering the part of Yeo Soon Kyung and is in discussion with the representatives of the drama. 

The drama is expected to air sometime in the beginning of next year. 

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