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[Recap] Love that Blossoms - We Got Married 110213

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This week on “We Got Married,” Son Na Eun gives Taemin a puzzle to solve, Jung Yoo Mi helps promote Jung Joon Young's new song, and Lee So Yeon introduces Yoon Han to her actor friends.

Love that Blossoms– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

(In case you missed it, check out last week’s recap – Let Me Show You the Way)


When A Pink had their comeback a few weeks back, Taemin had planned a surprise gift for Son Na Eun and her members. Now it's her turn to give her husband a gift. Instead of buying Taemin something, Na Eun puts together 300 gift bags full of candy and cookies for SHINee fans. She could have just prepared snacks for the members, but instead went beyond it. I'm going to be optimistic and imagine that the 300 fans who received the gifts were happy and thankful of Son Na Eun.

When she has put them together, she enlists the help of Hwang Min Oh the manager (I'm always happy to see him on the show. He has a great smile) and No Hong Chul. No Hong Chul delivers a photo puzzle for Taemin to complete. Before he gets a chance to start, Na Eun shows up with Jung Eun Ji and gives the cookies to the SHINee members. Onew, who has been absent the entire time, finally make an appearance (how's your neck, baby?)! He, Taemin, and Key get specialized goodie bags while Jonghyun and Minho don't get very much. Jonghyun is dismayed, but wait until Minho sees his.

A Pink has a schedule to go to, and Na Eun promises to come back when Taemin has solved the puzzle. Taemin acts like she's going away forever, not just a few hours, and holds her back. I think his game of "Why aren't you letting go?" is his favorite to play.


Taemin needs help from his hyungs and a hint from Na Eun to complete the puzzle. Jonghyun is the smart one that figures out the trick, and when they put it together they see many Na Euns forming a heart. To show her that he figured it out, Taemin asks his members to help make a heart of his own. When they realize they are short handed (where did you go Onew?), they call out to Hwang Min Oh, who jokingly pretends to take a picture of them when he's actually taking a selca. Did he want to send that to Son Na Eun? They finally manage to take a good picture, and Na Eun has a good time laughing at the adorableness of the picture.

By the way, look at Taemin's phone. Someone get him a new phone! 


Since Taemin has completed the puzzle, Na Eun comes to join them. Minho finds out that someone ate his cookie, and he's flabbergasted. Poor baby, he gets no love on this show. Since last time they did a bit of A Pink's dance, they ask Na Eun to do one of their moves, and she does it very cutely. When Taemin goes to show Na Eun her favorite part of the "Everybody" dance (the part where he gets winded up and bounces), he uses it as a excuse to go over to Na Eun and put his arm around. Isn't this weird? Taemin and Na Eun are the veteran couple of the show now. 

We're familiar with the skinship that the TaeEun couple has gotten comfortable with, but the SHINee members don't know how to take it. WGM producers! You should do a special for all the members of SHINee! I think they're lonely. 


I'm Minho biased, and every time he comes on the show it's hard not to use the many screen caps I take of him. The shows not about him. But I had a long day and I need something that makes me happy. Except, these pictures don't really make me happy. Look how gaunt his face is! The combination of "Everybody" promotions and his role on "Medical Top Team" must be exhausting. My poor baby. He did seem kind of cracked out on the show; obsessing over his cookie that someone ate. When he keeps digging around, Key reminds him that his cookie is gone so he exclaims, "What, they ate my note, too?" 

Someone, give my baby a cookie! 


 Now that the music video filming is finished, Jung Yoo Mi is unemployed again. Jung Joon Young plays her manager and tells her he's got a great gig for her. It's as a guest MC for "We Got Married." "That famous show?" she asks, playing along. They meet the MCs in person, and both parties are in awe. "Wow, a real celebrity!" Danny, the former first generation idol, says in awe. This episode shows some of the comments that were not aired, and mostly they were of Jung Joon Young's dry and sarcasm.

Since that gig is over, Jung Joon Young "hires" his wife as a promoter for his new song. They're going to hold a guerrilla concert, and the two are going to go out near Sinchon to publicize the event. They make a bet with the winner getting to choose what kind of marathon they will run. Jung Yoo Mi wins if less than 800 people comes to the concert, and Joon Young wins if over 800 people come. Um, you sure are confident Joon Young.

To get ready, they go to MBC's wardrobe room to try on some flashy clothes. Why they did not go with the raccoon costume I do not know.


The couple works the streets of Sinchon, and Yoo Mi with her bright personality does a good job. Joon Young is a bit more awkward, but it looks like he's thankful and relieved he has his wife there. They work hard for two hours, passing around as many posters as they can. Will they be able to gather 800 people?


As the concert nears, Joon Young gets more nervous. Joon Young is cute when he's cocky, but I think he's even cuter when he's nervous. They blindfold him and put him in the stage car. When the concert starts, there seems to be a lot of people. Joon Young gives a charismatic performance. He invited his wife to come up and they sing a duet together, but um, Yoo Mi should stick to acting. Her off pitch singing cracks her husband up, bringing out his weird cackle. 

In the end, they don't quite reach 800 people, but it was a successful concert. Even though Joon Young has a hard time admitting that he lost, he gives in and thanks his wife for all that she did. 

Looks like the marathon is a go! The preview shows the two exercising in preparation for the marathon. Let's see how Joon Young really is at running. 


It was recently Yoon Han's birthday, and although Lee So Yeon sent her husband a text, she says she hasn't prepared a present. Yoon Han is slightly disappointed, but he gets over it. 

Since the two are still getting to know each other, they go to a specialist who analyzes people's personality to see if they are compatible. I guess this is the modern version of the fortune tellers Koreans used to go to. I don't know what I was expecting, but she makes them take a Myers-Briggs personality test. Um, they are paying her for this? I would have done it for them for free.

Yoon Han is an ENFJ (like me!) and So Yeon is an ESFP. They're not incompatible, but they're not the most compatible match either. The consultant best describes their difference by explaining that So Yeon likes consistency and reliability, while Yoon Han likes to take risks. 

She then tells them to hold each other's hands and stare into each other's eyes for a long time. This is a big deal for them, and quite an interesting experience. Then the consultant takes it further and tells them to huge each other tightly, to feel each other's heart beats. It's a pretty intimate moment.


After their personality assessment, the two go to a cafe (as always). Surprise! Turns out So Yeon had prepared a birthday present. She painstakingly made a cake for him, despite her busy schedule. It's not just a simple cake either, she molded fondue into a piano and a miniature version of herself. Yoon Han is surprised and amazed. He's so impressed, he can't bear to eat it. So Yeon, on the other hand, says easily, "Want to start with the legs?"


The two head to a bridal shower to meet with So Yeon's good actor friends, Park Ha Sun, Oh Yoon Ah, and Bae Soo Bin. They're pretty excited to finally get to meet Yoon Han, and right away make him play the piano for them. When he's finished, the friends bring out a gift for the couple. This is a bridal shower so the gift turns out to be some sexy lingerie. So Yeon grows alarmed and then embarrassed. Meanwhile, Yoon Han tries to keep a poker face but during the interview he blushes like a little girl. 

As they talk, the actor friends talk about So Yeon, and Yoon Han learns a lot. Like how she has a lot of aegyo, especially after she had a few drinks. When they pressure her to show some him to on the spot, So Yeon gets extremely flustered and does it very awkwardly. Open that bottle of wine, Yoon Han! 

The friends also ask, very seriously, when the two will get married. They are so serious and this couple is so lovey dovey, that even the MCs get confused. They're not talking about a real wedding, right? They know that this is a virtual wedding, right? But is it?


Next episode, Na Eun asks SHINee to punish Taemin for his silly game, Yoo Mi forcses Joon Young to run, and Yoon Han leans in for a kiss.


That's all for this recap! Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter

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