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Yang Hyun Suk Approves G-Dragon’s Appearance on “Weekly Idol”

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Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment gladly agreed to G-Dragon’s appearance on “Weekly Idol.” He said, “I consented to G-Dragon’s appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’ in a heartbeat after he told me Jung Hyung Don asked him to be on the show.”

He stated, “Actually, no singers under YG have been on ‘Weekly Idol'. After hearing from G-Dragon that Jung Hyung Don asked him directly to appear on the show, I gave him the go."

He displayed his affection for G-Dragon and his good impressions towards Jung Hyung Don. "I am a fan of ‘Infinity Challenge,’ and I have been a fan of Jung Hyung Don since his ‘Gag Concert’ days. I was very pleased to hear he asked G-Dragon to appear as a guest on ‘Weekly Idol',”

Accordingly, G-Dragon’s confirmation to appear on “Weekly Idol” is creating a buzz. It is gaining even more attention since Jung Hyung Don, one of the hosts of the show, was paired with G-Dragon in the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival.” The two are gaining much popularity showing off their teamwork on “Infinity Challenge” as the push-and-pull couple and are expected to create a special chemistry on “Weekly Idol” as well. The two even shares couple rings. 

Moreover, there are great expectations for G-Dragon to display a new side of himself as he has been demonstrating on variety shows.

The episode of “Weekly Idol” with G-Dragon as the guest star will air sometime in November.  

Jung Hyung Don, G-Dragon


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