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"Secret Love" Chief Producer: "The Ending Will Be Unimaginable"

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The chief producer of KBS2TV’s drama “Secret Love” teased viewers by offering hints for the drama’s ending.

On October 29, team leader and chief producer Hwang Eui Kyung commented, “Although the last episode’s script is not complete, when I heard the writer’s thoughts on the ending I knew for sure that the viewers of the drama would never imagine such content.” Furthermore, the chief producer  raised curiosities when he expressed, “The matter at hand is not whether ‘Secret Love’ will have a happy ending or sad ending, and it’s also not about whether the drama will have revenge or not. It is hard to clearly express what kind of surprises will be hidden within the upcoming storyline.”

Furthermore, producer Hwang Eui Kyung explained, “Through the last episode of ‘Secret Love,’ viewers will be able to feel the emotions evolve within the melodrama,” stirring greater anticipation for the drama’s conclusion.

secret drama

In regards to the drama’s passionate and emotional scenes, the CP also added, “The passionate and emotional scenes that the staff had carefully hidden away will start this week. We hope many will anticipate the prospects of the melodrama’s passionate storyline that will focus mainly on Cho Min Hyuk (Jisung) and Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum), but will also flow naturally through the characters Ahn Do Hyun (Bae Soo Bin) and Shin Sae Yeon (Lee Da Hee).”

As “Secret Love” first aired on September 25, the drama’s ability to rank first amongst its other drama competitors portrays the strength and appealing nature of the melodrama. Despite the denial of extending the number of episode, the production team’s plans to focus on the quality of the drama rather than the quantity have caused excitement and anticipation for the drama’s ending. The 16th and final episode of “Secret Love” will air on November 14.

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