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Actress Moon Chae Won Wants More Diversity in Female Roles

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Actress Moon Chae Won recently revealed that she would like to try out roles that typically males have had the opportunity to play. 

On October 8, the actress sat down for an interview with Newsen and talked about her plans for her next project. Moon Chae Won recently wrapped up the last episode for the drama "Good Doctor" as the female pediatric surgical resident, Cha Yoon Seo.  

On the topic of choosing her next role, she said, "Although I'm thankful for new projects coming in, it's still overwhelming. I'm not overwhelmed by the feelings of wanting to do well, but of wanting to do things differently. There are often many times when I find myself feeling envious of male actors. I recently watched a movie called 'Hwa-yi: The Boy Who Swallowed A Monsterand I thought to myself, 'In a movie like this, I guess I wouldn't be able to do anything than just be part of the production crew. I wish I could try out a role like that too.'  I feel envious of the diversity of roles that male actors can play."  

She went on to say, "I think there won't be too many guys that will want to try out female roles. Even as a female myself, I find that it's a shame that female role offerings aren't that diverse. I'd really like to try out new roles. As a result, I always try to find roles that I think are interesting." 

What do you think, Soompiers? Is there more diversity in male roles versus female roles? What role would you like to see Moon Chae Won play?

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