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Lee Jong Suk Compares His Body to Seo In Guk's: "I Look Like a Q-Tip"

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With the highly anticipated film "No Breathing" just about to be released, its press conference was held on October 22 with the cast and staff.

During the press conference, the two male leads, Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk each compared themselves to one another.

Lee Jong Suk admitted that both of them were conscious about each other's bodies throughout the filming. He said, "Since there were a lot of scenes where I had to be topless, I was very conscious about my body. I have a thin bones, a thin body, and white skin. So whenever there was a two-shot scene with Seo In Guk, I looked like a Q-tip. If I heard that Seo In Guk skipped a meal, I also skipped a meal and worked out even more."

Seo In Guk gave his two cents by saying, "When the film first started, my body was way worse than Lee Jong Suk so I started working out in order to catch up to him. Making a good body and working on my acting both at the same time was difficult for me. I had to control my natural instinct for food, which was really hard too."

Lee Jong Suk also added, "Because I had to do a drama and this movie at the same time, I didn't have much time to work out. So instead, I had a strict diet."

Meanwhile, "No Breathing" will hit theaters on October 30.

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