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IU Talks About Having "A New Debut," Her Title Track, and More in "Ask in a Box Interview"

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IU answered questions from fans all over the world in this week's "Ask In A Box" interview by Loen TV.

She talks about the release of her latest album "Modern Times" as feeling like "a new debut," as it has been some time since she was on stage. Everything still feels new and strange to her.

The song IU wants to perform live from her album is "A Gloomy Clock" with SHINee's Jonghyun becuase it was the first time for her to work with a friend.

Watch the full interview, subtitled in English, below.

Since IU's "The Red Shoes" took #1 on M!Countdown this week, fans can look forward to her performing the song with an ear mic, so she can show the full choreography as promised in the interview.

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