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IU Hates Being Told She Has Gained Weight

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IU confessed that she seriously doesn't like being told she's gained weight.

As the special guest of MBC FM4U "Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon," IU went through a series of questions in the speed quiz segment. She landed on the question, "Which sort of comment do you dislike the most" to which she answered without hesitation, "One about my weight."

She further revealed her worries concerning weight. "My face keeps gaining more weight. Every time I look into a mirror I think, 'Did I get fatter?'"

MC Kim Shin Young offered a word of consolation. "Some fat around your face is supposed to bring more luck physiognomically."

"A thin face looks the prettiest through a camera," said IU. "I wish my body gained more and my face less." 

"Then you would look like a herbivorous dinosaur," concluded MC Kim Shin Young.

Previously, IU revealed that she went on a strict diet to prepare for her comeback. 

In the meantime, IU released her music video for "Red Shoes" last week, kickstarting promotional activities for her third album, "Modern Times."


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