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Ha Jung Woo Says Jung Kyung Ho Is a Perfect Actor

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On October 13, Ha Jung Woo and actor Jung Kyung Ho did an interview for Section TV: Entertainment News.

Actor Ha Jung Woo recently made the transformation into a director for the upcoming comedy “Fasten Your Seatbelt,” starring Jung Kyung Ho. He said, “Jung Kyung Ho is a perfect actor, 7 out of 7 points.” He explained further that he chose the number seven because the World Series and the Korean Series are seven games a piece. 

Following, Jung Kyung Ho described Ha Jung Woo as an onion with many layers.  At this, Ha Jung Woo joked, “If you’re going to describe me as a food, you should’ve said watermelon or something. I’m good and refreshing, aren’t I?”

Ha Jung Woo’s new comedy “Fasten Your Seatbelt” will premiere on October 17.

fasten your seatbelt

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