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Roy Kim Surprises Fans by Lending His Sweet Voice for the "Reply 1994" OST

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With the first episode of the highly anticipated drama "Reply 1994" still to air, a special episode "0" has been broadcast. During the episode, viewers were able to catch a glimpse at Roy Kim's remake of the beloved song, "Seoul, Here" for the drama's OST.

"Seoul, Here" was part of the OST for the number one drama of 1994, "The Moon of Seoul." Both the drama and the song were huge hits.

The new remake of "Seoul, Here" is perfected by Roy Kim's sweet and romantic voice along with the soft acoustic guitar sounds. The track is yet to be officially released but viewers were able to hear it at the end of episode 0 for "Reply 1994."

Roy Kim, who has left to the States to finish school, left many fans curious about his current status. Therefore, netizens have been pouring out praise for this new OST track by making comments like, "I knew 'Reply' OST would be awesome," "Roy Kim's voice goes so well with this song," and more.

Last year's "Reply 1997" not only did well with the actual show, cast and ratings, but had a huge hit with its OST. Therefore, many fans are already excited about this season's OST.

"Reply 1994"s OST producer commented, "Before Roy Kim left the country for school, we thought his voice would be perfect for the atmosphere of this drama. After the track was finished, we thought it would be a nice surprise gift for the fans who were curious about Roy Kim's current status."

Take a listen to Roy Kim's remake of "Seoul, Here" and tell us what you think!

Meanwhile, "Reply 1994"s pilot as well as the official release of "Seoul, Here" will take place on October 18.

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