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Jo Yeo Jeong at the Center of a Dispute between Two Agencies

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Actress Jo Yeo Jeong has been caught in the middle of a dispute between her current agency, Didim531 and another agency that is currently remaining unnamed regarding a breech of business ethics related to approaching actors and actresses before the end of their contract terms. 

According to the Corea Entertainment Management Association (And yes that is how they spell it on their official website), the association received a petition from Didim531 on October 10th. According to this petition, an agency referred to as "A Entertainment" had started to approach Actress Jo Yeo Jeong in April about a possible change in agency despite the fact that her current contract with Didim531 does not end till December 16. One of the issues here is that the Corea Entertainment Management Association's current recommendation to the industry is that other agencies do not approach actors/actresses till at least 3 months before the end of their contracts.

According to Didim531's petition, Jo Yeo Jeong and the agency held talks on August 27 regarding their contract and during those talks, Jo Yeo Jeong informed the agency that she would like to move to Agency "A." The agency agreed to continue working with her faithfully till the end of their contract period and Jo Yeo Jeong agreed to this as well. However the next day they got a call from a director of Agency "A," who stated that they wanted to start working with the actress starting with the Busan International Film Festival in October and be responsible for her 2 movie schedules (Point Blank, Human Addiction) in the latter half of this year.

Didim531's petition continues to state that despite the fact that their contract with Jo Yeo Jeong remains valid till December and is a fact that Agency "A" fully understands, the agency has begun to personally organise Jo Yeo Jeong's advertisement deals and other such dealings. Didim531 claims that their disregard for their contract terms is a violation of business ethics. 

Didim531 however has made it clear that this issue is not a contract issue with the actress herself but rather a problem regarding the ethics of these companies.  The Corea Entertainment Management Association will call for a Ethics Dispute Arbitration Committee to discuss this issue and that the association will listen to both sides on October 16.


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