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Actress Gong Hyo Jin is Flooded With Casting Calls for Advertisements As the "Invincible K-Drama Queen"

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According to media reports, actress Gong Hyo Jin returned to the small-screen as the "Invincible K-Drama Queen" in the drama series, "Master's Sun." As a result, the actress has been flooded with casting calls from various brands and companies hoping to secure her as their endorsement model. 

While shooting "Master's Sun," Gong Hyo Jin was already signed on as an endorsement model for "The North Face" and "Biotherm." After production for the drama wrapped up, she signed another endorsement contract with Samsung. In fact, plenty of agencies ranging from clothing, beverages, alcohol, communication and other sectors are attempting to woo the actress into signing an endorsement deal with them. The actress is said to be reviewing each proposal and deciding which ones she'd like to pursue. 

According to the media, Gong Hyo Jin continues to hold an unbreakable streak for wildly successful dramas. Her latest drama, "Master's Sun" was conceived from a unique mix of genres in romance, comedy and horror. Nothing less than what you would expect from the famous Hong sisters, since it was their brainchild after all. As the gloomy and peculiar young female who saw ghosts, Gong Hyo Jin quickly won over viewers with the kind of warmth and charisma she brought to her her character. 

Fans were especially drawn to Gong Hyo Jin's carefree and flexible attitude about her outer appearance in the drama, often going without makeup or having her dark circles emphasized on-screen for the sake of bringing authenticity to her unique and lovable character.  

Although the market for endorsement models is a tough one to break into, the reason why the casting calls don't stop for Gong Hyo Jin is because she has proven herself to be an especially gifted actress, who is not defined by a certain type of genre or character. 

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