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Yoon Jong Shin Says He Will Allow Lim Kim to Date Publicly

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On set of Radio Star

Yoon Jong Shin gave Lim Kim, signed under his label, permission to date freely.

In a recent filming of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Super Junior member Ryeowook said, “It’s difficult to approach Lim Kim because she’s so pretty,” expressing his interest for her. In regards to the topic, MC Kim Gura asked the president of Lim Kim’s management company, Yoon Jong Shin, “Would you allow Lim Kim to date publicly?” Yoon Jong Shin answered, “I will not interfere with her dating life. If you can date, go for it,” giving her permission to date freely.

After Yoon Jong Shin’s remarks, Lim Kim was asked by the MCs to choose which of the guests piqued her interested the most. After deliberation, she chose a guest they did not expect she would pick, and rather caught them by surprise.

The show will air on October 9. 

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