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"Infinity Challenge" Members Turned Into Parody Posters of "The Face Reader"

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"Infinity Challenge" isn't new to the whole parody business with fans creating parodies involving the Infinity Challenge members and the latest crazes. Previous examples have included parodies of "Secret Garden", "Lord of the Rings" and "High Kick". However, the fans might have outdone themselves this time with an amazingly executed parody poster of the hit movie "The Face Reader" or "Physiognomy" that opened in cinemas last month.


In a recent post on an online message board, a fan posted the masterfully edited parody posters, which see the "Infinity Challenge" members' faces superimposed on the official posters for the movie "The Face Reader" along with a unique title and description for each member. Each of their titles and descriptions describe the character that each member possesses in the show.

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Yoo Jae Suk's title can be liberally translated as "The Video Face" along with the description "Red Video," a reference to an old character Yoo Jae Suk had on "Infinity Challenge" where he was framed and then caught trying to take an adult video to a recording in New Zealand. Next on the list is Park Myung Soo, titled "The Rascal Face" with the description "Urgently looking for songs to use during festivals." This is a reference to Park Myung Soo's obsession with going to numerous local festivals because the pay is good and is also a reference to recent "Infinity Challenge" music festivals, especially the West Coast Expressway Music Festival, where he was caught going to local festivals with a look-a-like G-Dragon and Park Bom to perform "I'm Being Flirtatious."


Next down on the list is Noh Hong Chul with his title "The Horse Face" and description "His lower jaw grows without bounds," and alludes to the fact that Noh Hong Chul is known for having a very long face. Next is "Meal Face" Jung Jun Ha with the apt description of "The legend in the world of eating on television." Next is Haha and "Baby Face" which may sound like a good thing however his description says otherwise, "The same height as when he was a baby."


Continuing on we have Jung Hyung Don and "The Obnoxious Face." His description also suits him quite well and references his amazing(?) fashion sense, "Fashion that makes your face blush." Lastly we have Gil, "The Dork Face," described as "At a standstill for 5 years." This is a reference to a recurring joke within the show that Gil hasn't improved and acts imprudently during his 5 years on the show.

As a bonus the creator of the poster has also included "Infinity Challenge'"s famous PD, Kim Tae Ho PD. "The Shabby Face" is described as "Having the looks of a slave," which is again a recurring joke within the show where they infrequently mention how Kim Tae Ho PD may actually beat Park Myung Soo in the less-than-appealing looks department.

Which poster is your favorite?

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