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4men’s Kim Won Joo Celebrates Five Years with Solo Project Song “Just One More Day”

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Kim Won Joo is the next member from 4men to release a solo track. Shin Yong Jae previously released “You’re All Talk,” which shot up to the top of the charts. Will Kim Won Joo achieve the same level of success?

On October 7, his solo track “Just One More Day,” which is the second song from “4Men’s Solo Project,” has been released. Just like the title, the lyrics expresses the story of a man who would do everything for the person he loves if he’s able to live for just one more day.

“Just One More Day” is the work of KingMing, who also worked with Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo. He’s well known for using dramatic sounds, making one believe he or she is experiencing a musical.

The release date is meaningful for Kim Won Joo as he made his debut exactly five years before on October 7, 2008 with mini album “First Kiss.”

Meanwhile, last member Yeong Jae plans to release his solo track as the third song from “4men’s Solo Project” during the fourth week of October.

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